Bias Boutique

I first met up with Sally Hindle a few months ago – the brief was to take on the mantle of Social Media Manager for her shop, Bias Boutique on Coldbath Road. I quickly realised that their website was not up to scratch. Yes, they were getting the click-throughs but the styling of the shop was all hit and miss. They were not capitalising on visitor numbers.

It was a Squarespace build and it was a not achieving what it should for such an energetic outlet as Bias.

So, whilst Sally was on holiday in Cornwall I came up with a plan. I was itching to build a new site for her – one that focused on the brand loyalty of her customers. But, how would I go about that without disrupting the older Squarespace build?

Because I have my own server I was able to build a prototype of the new on a sub-domain of my Design site – so, it was that we were looking at while the current site went unaffected.

We quickly settled on a client led direction and utilised both new & existing technology to accomplish the build. I came up with a WordPress website for Bias. There is an amazing page for the labels that Bias stock – here is the screen grab –

screencapture bias store labels 2018 09 26 23 16 50

Web Store In Harrogate

Bias is a small venture so it was important to build up a good relationship with my bosses – thing is, the people I meet when I am out building websites have such varied and full lives that it makes me feel like a loner who lives off cold pizza. Needless to say, the warmth with which I have been met by with the team at Bias has been second to none.

My wife, Kathryn walks Sally’s dog – so, I had kind of heard about Bias and was up for the challenge. I just needed to prove myself.

Sally seems happy with the site and we are working on getting it up the rankings on Google. I have registered the site with Google Merchant Center and it is just a case of playing the long game.

When it comes to SEO you have to play it gently. That is what I intend to do so that their shop achieves the best chance possible.

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