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Even though all of the design projects I work on are client-led, I do like to advise and negotiate what is currently technically feasible. Over the weekend I have ben working on the website for Bias Harrogate, on Commercial Street. Sally is the proprietor and she asked me to bring the shop’s website more up to speed with her competitors. I set to work on a Saturday afternoon, working the length of the weekend – it was good fun and something to do in the isolation. Yes, isolation. Harrogate is getting sensible and taking precautions against Coronavirus. I will write a bit about the way a good web designer can help in the pandemic and how I have helped a store during this crisis as well as a social venture.

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But First, The Bias Harrogate Redesign

Sally H. the proprietor of Bias Harrogate, asked me to improve the flow of her website to encourage online purchases. Before hand, the site was geared to get customers to visit the bricks and mortar shop and leave Sally & the team to charm the customer. However, due to Social Distancing, that has been rendered void. People are not venturing out so a lot of the businesses are adapting – more on that in a bit.

Sally wanted the site to be an eCommerce website. At first it was a brochure website with a shop tagged on to the side. I have changed that to allow for more transactions.

The main way of doing this was the redesign of the front page – you can see the contrasting pages by checking out the old page screen-grab (to the right) and then you can go and visit Bias Harrogate by clicking the button below.

How Can A Web Designer Help In These Times?

I can enable businesses to work remotely.

That is quite something in times of social distancing. I help by making business meet up online and then having their meeting.

An example of this is that I set up two chat servers for the local community radio station, Harrogate Community Radio. One of the servers is for the concerned public – so they are not feeling lonely in isolation. Another server is for the presenters on Harrogate Community Radio: they have a space to chat and meet up. They are planning on ways to help their local community, as a group and they are doing so online, remotely.

There are many tech solutions to help business go ahead, un-interrupted by social distancing. I can help  with that – just get in contact.

So, I have a skill-set I am hoping to use so that business can go ahead, despite Coronavirus. I have helped implement socially with Harrogate Community Radio and commercially with Bias Harrogate. Both are jewels in Harrogate’s crown and both benefitted from my help – I can help you, if you want me to; just email [email protected].

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