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Building A Website For A Chef, In Harrogate

I help out at the Community Radio Station in Harrogate. Imaginatively called “Harrogate Community Radio” I helped build the website for them. It was off the back of the radio station’s site that one of the show hosts contacted me with the view of me doing some work for him.

ben wright

Ben Wright is a local chef at a prestigious restaurant and seems to be making waves – he has a really level head on him, that must be the result of working in a high-pressure environment.

Ben presents The Harrogate Food Show on HCR. A spoken word show that helps people with meal planning and food prep in these times of lockdown.

Ben did have a Wix site – but, the limits of a Wix site are well known; you can only do what they allow you to do and that is not very much, especially when it comes to the design and the SEO of the website.

Ben initially contacted me with regards to getting his website ranked for a specific Keyword – a keyword is a phrase or a sentence that people type in to their search engines and you hope to be found with in the search results page. I saw the limitations of his Wix site (and I have heard some horror stories) so I stepped in with the offer of a redesign.

If you head to the site, you will see what I have come up with. We will have to wait a good 4-6 weeks until the results of the SEO are in – but, I have every confidence that it will rank highly in the Search Results Page (SERP). If you are in need of an SEO Consultant in Yorkshire or just need a fresh lick of paint on your site, a web site redesign, then get in contact.

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