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Building a Website For A Fine-Art Photographer

Late last year, in 2019, I attended an event at The Mercer Art Gallery. The event was run by a local group called Women On Tap and the idea was to pair craft beer with selected works of art as submitted in the Harrogate Open. The standard of beer was great and the standard of art was exceptional. Whilst there, I met one of the artists giving a talk at the event, Anna Lilleengen. Anna was having a bit of an issue with her existing WordPress build and I stepped in with an offer of help.

Anna Lilleengen: Fine-Art Photographer

The website I built Anna is a WordPress website. I figure that Anna will know the basics of how to edit a WordPress site, having built one previously. i just needed to redesign the thing to her specifications. And, that was a joy to do.

After a series fo carefully considered re-drafts, we sketched out the basics of what the site should look like, having researched extensively Anna’s peer’s aesthetics.

The background of Anna’s site is a calming grey that lends a pointer to the photos that it showcases. After all, that is the point of the site – to show the photos that Anna has taken and get her more work in Galleries.

The collection of Anna’s Photographs are shown as a series of collections – all distinct as projects. I have taken care to match the breadcrumbs up with the URL of the site – this leads to better UX and SEO Rankings (Google takes in to account Breadcrumbs).

But, here is the website –

If you are a fine-artist, well you can see I have experience; this will go a long way to what you want to achieve. I have the technical skills and the interpretative power to make your vision a reality. Get in contact (contact details in footer) to see how this can achieved.

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