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Sep 1, 2018 | Public Projects

A Couple of months ago (late July 2018), I was trying to get out of washing the dishes by looking at Facebook – one of the businesses I follow on Facebook is Crafty Chops Castings – Leeds. The proprietor, Marie, put out a call for web designers to get in contact. She needed help with a website for baby castings.

I fought my way up the ladder and rolled out a prototype of the new site – ready for Marie to see.

Whenever I build a prototype of a site, the prototype is always housed on a subdomain of my site. This allows me to work on it in relative anonymity and allows me to share my work with my client – so we can work together on the build with almost instant feedback. It cuts out all of the local builds and lets me sort the wheat from the chaff.

Crafty Chops Castings - Leeds

Marie, the proprietor of Craft Chops, had had a bad run with a giant in web design. She was a former client of Yell – I hope she has warmed to the way this Freelancer works and that she is now a priority. When you ask a big organisation to help with a website, you do not really matter to them – over the past eight or so weeks I have come to know Marie a bit better and that has allowed me to build her a better site.

The site was made using WordPress and all of the images on the site are taken by Marie. The wording was written up and all I had to do was cut and paste – the hard work was in making the images responsive. But, the site works on mobiles and laptops (it looks amazing on Tablets, like an iPad!).

Get in touch,

If you have a project in mind, I would love to hear from you.


  1. Marie

    An absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you for coming to my rescue and creating a beautifully functional website for me to promote my business. Nothing is ever too much trouble and I feel very happy to have been able to work with you and continue to do so 🙂

    • Andy Backhouse

      Marie – thanks so much for your lovely words; they have cheered me right up on a blustery evening. Far too Autumnal for me tonight. I will continue to maintain and keep your site updated for as long as you need me. If you ever want any more work doing please don’t hesitate to get in touch 🙂


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