How I Am Helping A Radio Station Stop Repeating Itself

Yesterday, I helped a local radio station stop repeating itself. I helped Harrogate Community Radio set up a help desk and a chat / ticket system of their choosing. It is all public facing and it was the copy that was the donkey work, but I have just about got there.


The whole system is built using – a free-for-use software application that makes its money out of providing Virtual Assistants and Chat monitors.

The station figured it did not need a Chat monitor if there were enough of the hosts online at any given opportunity. This would enable anyone who had an internet connection to correspond with their listenership.

There was the worry that when the line went dead – and the listener cut the connection – that there would be a missed opportunity.

However, the system I installed allows the creation of tickets. So, there is the opportunity of chasing up the missing contact with an email.

However, the real gem is the public facing Help Desk at Harrogate Community Radio. If you head to then you will get to see it. The real work was getting the copy in place, remaining on brand and not upsetting the listeners.

That was the real work.

The station’s hosts have taken it up – they just need members of the public to take up the opportunity to talk to people on the website.

I am pleased as punch with the development of the Help Desk and the Chat Widget. If you are a business, or a well staffed institution, then get in contact with me. I can help set up a ticketing application for you if yo are in Harrogate or North Yorkshire. The Help Desk is already a well visited part of the radio station’s site. And, the Help Desk is helping the station by cutting down on daily correspondence about how to tune in and how to support the station. It is already working for them.

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