How To Make Your Website More Accessible

I have helped achieve better accessibility for a local fundraiser’s website. In design, this is known as improving a website’s a11y. A11y is short hand for “Accessibility” (a – 11 letters – y) because not everyone has the best vision. Some folk have dyslexia or just plain, bad vision – I was trying to level the playing field so that everyone has the option to read the website.


The website in question was for a local lad, Andy Dennis. Andy spends as much of his energy as possible raising funds for Doctors Without Borders (MSF / Medicine sans frontieres). He has spent time working in Africa on some of their missions, including a terrible time in Sierra Leone at an ebola clinic.

I went with an app called Userway for improving the accessibility of Andy’s site – it is the same one I use for my portfolio, If you look on any page of Andy’s website ( then you will see a small man on the right hand side of your browser.

Click on him and you will be presented with an accessibility menu. There is the option to look at the site in Dyslexia-ready fonts, change the contrast and generally make the site better for those with not the best vision.

If you are running in to issues getting Userway to work with your WordPress website – have a word with me on the contact page; I will help you install the plugin, pro bono publico if you are a charity.

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