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A re-hash of an old idea that had been kicking around allowed me to build a great little one-page site for a friend. My good friend, Allan, is an AV (Audio Visual) Wizard and is branching out into silent disco. The name of the project is Shuffle Sound System – and they do everything where you need a transmission beamed into your ears. Essentially, Silent Disco Hire Yorkshire!

They are starting off with a standard amount of Headphones and three transmitters – looking to grow – so, onwards and upwards with that. Here is the logo for the project:

Silent Disco Yorkshire

The site needs a bit of a tweak with the copy – However, we are all over that.

The idea behind the site is that people will not have to navigate away from one page to find out why Shuffle Sound System should be used for their party.

I have had a go on the Headphones and they are amazing – they can handle good frequency response at low volume levels and then shoot right up to bypass-health-and-safety loud. They stayed on my head when I was wobbling around a recording studio listening to them, dancing – they are great little things.

Their range is incredible! We walked ou to the pub with them on and yet we were still picking up the signal. Admittedly, not much was said at the pub but smiles and knowing nods were exchanged whilst we listened to a podcast being beamed from 300m away, through stonework.

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