There’s A New Vegan Shop In Harrogate

There is a new Vegan Shop in Harrogate and I got to design the website. It was a WordPress build with a credited E-Commerce engine at the back-end. But, What of the business, The Online Vegan Market?

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Claire Rose has been the proprietor of 4a Commercial Street for a number of years (3+) and she wanted a bit of a rebranding to reflect her morals and endeavours. Claire is a passionate advocate for animal rights and she is a committed Vegan.

Logic dictated that she uses these Vegan Super Powers to good effect so it was practical and wholesome to start selling Vegan fair – but – not just any Vegan fair The emphasis for The Online Vegan Market is that just because your Morals guide your diet it does not mean you have to go without.

The chocolate is delicious!

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A New Vegan Shop In Harrogate

The site is very responsive. So, it does not matter what device you view the site on it will load ‘naturally.’

The products were all sourced by Claire and, the ones I have tried, have made it a destination shop for both Herbivores and Omnivores. I wish Claire every success with this leg of her business – she is a great lady and she deserves the credit for getting this omnivore to think twice about what he consumes.

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