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After a series of discussions with my client, DJ Scooby, I have executed the required changes to his site DJ Scooby’s Sound Of Wonder is an exotic, world music show that is broadcast on American and UK airwaves. He needed a place on the web for his listeners to read about what he had been up to and what were the names of the tracks he was playing on his show.

The show goes out every week and has done for a couple of years. There is a lot of music that needed to be put up on the site as metadata. There was the opportunity to have a bit of fun with the graphics – here are some examples:

Scooby is also a real-time DJ. As in, he has a residency and advertises as a gigging DJ. This needed to be catered for so that people could get in contact with him to place the bookings. A Contact Page was set up and his details and links were uploaded there.

All of Scooby’s shows are embedded on the social site, Mixcloud. Mixcloud tags itself as ‘the future of radio’. There is a wide variety of shows up there all vying for attention.

Another spoke to Scooby’s wheel that needed to be catered for was Metal sans Frontières – the fundraising heavy metal night in North Yorkshire. Scooby is part of a team who have set the task of raising £100k for MSF (Doctors Without Borders / Medicins sans Frontières). I hope the site I built him gets the press and publicity that he so richly deserves.

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