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As a freelance web designer, I am a passionate about crafting top-notch websites for clients in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, and across the UK. I believe in complete transparency and do my utmost to help businesses and individuals thrive online. This article lays out my web design prices, giving you an understanding of what I charge and why.

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Logo Design

Logo Design Prices!

A compelling logo is a cornerstone for building a powerful brand. As a designer, I help create a striking first impression with a logo and website that suits your brand. My logo design service includes:

  • A discussion about your brand, target audience, and design preferences.
  • Two initial logo design choices.
  • Unlimited revisions to ensure satisfaction.
  • Your final logo in various formats for print and online use, including a social media pack.

Logo Design Prices

You can add the Logo Design service to any of my web design packages, or include it in a tailored package that meets your specific needs. Working with Andrew Backhouse Web Design means partnering with a freelancer dedicated to creating a logo that truly represents your brand.

To find out more about my logo design service, please see the logo design page on my website; it is all written up there for you.

If you ask me to design you a website, then I will charge significantly less for the logo design accompanying it than if it was a stand-alone logo design. But, reach out on my contact page and let’s see how I can help you…

Website Maintenance and Support

I can help keep your website working great and safe with different care plans that match what you need.

Updating and taking care of your website often is important to keep your site’s software and safety up to date, and fix any problems that come up. You can pick from these plans:

Web Maintenance Prices

Monthly Care Plan – £35/month

This is good for small businesses and people who need a little bit of updating and care. The Monthly Care Plan gives you:

  • Regular software updates
  • Safety checks and updates
  • One planned content update each month
  • Making your website work better
  • Help by email or phone

Weekly Care Plan – £50/month

This is good for businesses that need to update their content a lot or need help often. The Weekly Care Plan gives you:

  • Regular software updates
  • Safety checks and updates
  • Weekly planned content updates
  • Making your website work better
  • Help by email or phone

Daily Care Plan – £100/month (Good for online stores)

This is made for online stores. The Daily Care Plan gives you lots of support to make sure your online store works well. This plan gives you:

  • Daily software updates
  • Safety checks and updates
  • Daily planned content updates, including product lists, keeping track of stock, and special offers
  • Making your website work better for faster load times and a better user experience
  • Fast help by email, phone, or chat

You should know that you can add these care plans to any of the packages we talked about before, or they can be part of a special price that fits what you need.

So, have a word with me about Website Maintenance?

Social Media Integration

Being active on social media is crucial in today’s digital age. I ensure that your social media profiles and website work harmoniously, facilitating easy content sharing and helping visitors connect with you on various platforms. This fosters interest in your brand and helps grow your online community.

My Social Media Integration service includes:

  • Adding social media profile links on your website.
  • Embedding sharing buttons on your website’s blog posts and pages.
  • Customising social media icons to match your website aesthetics.
  • Optionally, displaying your social media feeds on your website.

Just like with the Logo Design service, this can be added to any web design package or be part of a bespoke package.

Affordable web design in Harrogate; it is what I do…

Web Design Prices!

Understanding web design prices can be complex. It’s important to consider the designer’s skills and the job requirements. As a self-employed professional, I’ve assisted numerous businesses and individuals in establishing their online presence. If you’re ready to take that leap, please get in touch!

The Reason for My Pricing!

My aim is to make web design accessible for everyone, so my services won’t break the bank. Rest assured, I won’t ask you to spend your entire savings on a website. But remember, a quality website is a valuable investment for your business as it’s often the first interaction potential customers have with you.

How Are Web Design Prices Determined?

Typically, I base my web design prices on an hourly rate of £35. But I prefer project-based pricing, which means I quote a total price for the entire project after we’ve discussed it. This approach helps avoid any unexpected extra costs if the work takes longer than planned.

The prices I quote are essentially estimates of the £35 hourly rate needed to build your website. For example, if I estimate a 10-hour workload for your website, I’ll charge you £350. The best part? I won’t charge more than my initial quote, even if a 10-hour project takes 15 hours, you’ll only pay the originally quoted £350.

Web Design Services in Harrogate; it is what I do…

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