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Working independently, I am passionate about my work and I am dedicated to delivering outstanding results for my clients.


Website Design

Let’s Make Your Website Hassle Free. For Good!

Here’s what’s included with EVERY site I ship.

Customised Website

I use the Wordpress CMS as a base platform and build up from there.

Full Custom Logo Design

In the event that your business does not already have a logo, we will arrange to have one created as a part of this agreement.

On-Page SEO

Your website will be created with the intent of making it attractive and understandable both to customers and search engines.

Blogging Capabilities

Each Managed Website includes the capability to blog and host audio and video content.

Monthly Detailed Analytics

Each site can have a detailed monthly analytics report. This report is highly customisable and can be emailed to you each month.

Regular security and performance updates

I can perform daily manual and automatic security and performance updates in order to keep your site functional and protected.

Security Suite and Firewall Installation w/ Intrusion Monitoring

We will install a comprehensive security plugin which proactively scans, monitors, and protects your website.

Daily Backups

I can perform a daily backup of your website in order to ensure that we can restore your site to a similar state should a security event render your site unusable.

2 hrs per month of requested updates and changes

Managed Website customers may take advantage of up to 2 hour per month of free website maintenance.

2 hrs Training per Year

If needed, up to two (2) hours of training will be provided to users wishing to learn how to safely update blog and other frequently changing content.

Website Development
I am keen on code – so if you want me to help with static sites get in contact; but it is WordPress that I thrive on.
Security Audit

Do you need to secure your website? I can help you get an SSL Certificate that will help you get ranked higher in the results page than if you did not have one. I can also sweep for malware and help repatch damaged sites.


I have a history of getting sites to on the first page of Google Local and also on the first page of the Google Organic Rankings, worldwide – an example of this that I am on the first page of results for “Experimental DJ” around the world, in English.

Single Page Design

Do you want an un-complicated website? With website design, I can build you a single page website that simply states what you do in an elegant fashion.

Website Support
Do you need someone to manage the small parts of your site? Do you need someone to make sure that the site is running on a day to day basis? I have a history of getting the job done, discreetly, and references are available.
Style Guide
Do you want to contract me as part of your existing team to work alongside your designers and consult as a Style Guide for your Brand or institution?
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Website Design In Harrogate, North Yorkshire

subscription website design
subscription website design


When I build your website, the first thing I do is listen to your needs. Every site starts with a conversation.

subscription website design


I will set up an online mood board so that I know the Brand Adjectives that you have in mind and the overall ethos of your venture.

subscription website design


The conversation and dialogue continues as we whittle what you need from the prototype.

subscription website design


When I have a firm knowledge of your vision and we have exchanged assets – then I will start building your website.

Website Design In Harrogate

A Web Site Built From Scratch

Offering a steer on content means your website will have a fighting chance of being found online as well as look great. I can offer a subscription rate.

  • I will build you a website using the latest technology
  • Social Media integration
  • An offer for guidance on the content.
subscription website design
subscription website design

Website In Design Harrogate

Website Redesigns

Are you tired of your existing website? Hasn’t it been updated in years? Have a word with me about redesigning your website and keeping the content.

  • I can redesign your website on my computer so your old site remains live through the transition phase – no down time
  • I can offer to refresh the content of your site or I can keep the old content of your site

Other Packages 

SEO & Analytics Package

You may have a good website – but is it being found? Also, who is it that is using your website – and to what purpose. Have a word with Andrew Backhouse about SEO Packages and Analytics Deals.

Build A Subscriber Base

Do you want to reach more people? Have you thought about a newsletter? Or, making your website hyper-shareable? I can help with that – get in contact with me and see what I can do.


I have a history of getting sites to on the first page of Google Local and also on the first page of the Google Organic Rankings, worldwide – an example of this that I am on the first page of results for “Experimental DJ” around the world, in English.


You know you can build up a list of people, your public, to keep in touch with – highlight your highs!


Website Re-platform or Migration

Do you want to change your hosting platform and do you want me to help you? I offer to transfer your site from one hosting provider to another, if you want it.

Build an Online Campaign

Have a word with me about getting your brand and your point across – it is harmless to have a chat and these chats are no-obligation…


Do you need to change the platform your website is hosted on? I can help?

Build A Campaign

Did you know that an Email Newsletter is still the best ROI? I can help set you up with the tools that you need.

subscription website design

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