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Website Maintenance – as offered by Andrew Backhouse Design. Andrew is a Website Designer & Developer based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.


Bespoke Website Maintenance
In Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Do You Offer Hosting?

When you purchase a website maintenance package from me, I can take care of your hosting but and I also have a great recommendations if you don’t want me to. Just schedule a chat about it! Prices are very reasonable and the hosting is very reliable, prices will vary depending on how advanced your site is.

Are There Any Set Up Or Cancellation Fees?

Nope! There are no setup costs and should you ever need to leave the website maintenance plan, there are no cancellation fees. And the door is always open should you ever leave and decide to come back to the plan.

What Happens If I Decide To Pass On Your Plan?

If you decide to decline our maintenance plan, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Here are the top reasons I recommend you make sure your website is maintained:

  • The site will not be optimised which leads to poor performance, slow loading times and a gradual loss of Google SEO rankings.
  • The site’s tools, plugins, themes and WordPress itself will quickly go out of date which is the #1 leading cause of website hacks. It’s incredibly important to keep ALL your website tools and plugins up-to-date.
  • You’ll have no backups or restore points so if the site get hacked or breached, you could lose all your content, pages and Google ranking.
  • You won’t get a monthly report overviewing your site traffic, page views, etc.
  • Most importantly, you won’t have us as your trusted webmaster to assist you with quick updates, tweaks, website issues, etc. Often you’ll have to try getting a hold of your hosting company for any assistance.
Do My Monthly Hours Roll Over?

Negative on this one, I am afraid. The retainer of hourly updates is just covered for that month.

What If My Site Gets Hacked When It Is On Your Plan?

If your site should get compromised while you’re on a website maintenance plan – I’ll take care of cleaning the site and getting everything squared away with Google at no extra cost to you. But have no fear; to date – I’ve had ZERO hacks or breaches with any sites on our maintenance plan.

What If My Updates Require More Than One Hour?

I’ll always try to get your updates done within an hour to save you some extra cost but if you have a decent amount of updates that will require more hours, I’ll give you an estimate of time and do that at my hourly rate.

What If I Pass On Your Plan And My Site Gets Hacked?

If you website gets hacked and you are not on a Website Maintenance package then I can take care of getting the site cleaned for an initial cleanup fee of £250. Then we can immediately get your site on our monthly website maintenance plan to make sure it remains clean and protected form hacks.

How Soon Will I Get The Monthly Updates?
I’m pretty quick around these parts. I’ll try to get to updates within 24-48hrs. As a monthly client, you always get top priority compared to clients who aren’t on the plan.

Why Do I Need Website Maintenance?

Most of us need professionals to handle the maintenance on our cars in order to keep everything functioning properly – and a website is no different. Things wear out and break. There are many reasons why you should choose to have your website maintained with us – we ensure all important software updates are complete, all the necessary security checks are in place and measures are installed to keep hackers at bay.

If you take out a website maintenance package with us you can rest easy in the knowledge that your website will be taken care of on a month-to-month basis and the cogs will keep on turning without you having to lift a finger.

Why Would Anyone Hack My Small Website?

Owners of small websites often think they are immune to hackers on the web, when in reality they are just as much of a target as larger companies. They can use your site to redirect to other areas of the web, infect visitors devices or simply use the websites resources for their own means.

Luckily I can help and I can put measures in place that keep attackers out, and while no site is 100% safe from being hacked we can lower the risk for you so that you can sleep easy knowing that your visitors are safe when browsing your website. And, after all, it will be backed up.

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