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Chatbot Builder In Yorkshire


I can build you a chatbot for your social media – I specialise in building chatbots for Facebook. I can also help you set up a Slack Workspace for your business and enable the public to chat with you direct from your site.


A Chatbot Builder
In Harrogate, North Yorkshire

chatbot builder yorkshire

Chatbot Building In Harrogate

Hi, my name is Andrew Backhouse & I can build you a ChatBot to lighten the load of your Social Media team. A Chat Bot is a series of automated responses along a working path that are triggered by user response. There is no real skullduggery involved. Just good, honest graft and an application of bleeding edge technology.

Introduce yourself

When people introduce themselves on Social Media, they need to put their best foot forward – so, make sure you are in charge of how your company presents itself first time around by taking the reigns of a predetermined Social Media Greeting – and, lead by example through the rest of the conversation too!

Are You Forward Thinking?

Introduce yourself to your prospective clients with a easy to navigate Chatbot – nothing if you are forward enough thinking to have a Bot, well – what could you do for your client?

Friendly Or Formal

I will be able to build you a Chatbot in facebook that is responsive to your brand guidelines – I will not cram it full of emojis if you are a responsible Law firm. Instead, I will portray you how you want; please remember that the bot’s responses are pre-programmed, responding to stimuli, so you will have a say in how your information is presented.

chatbot builder yorkshire

Try Before You Commit

If you need a ChatBot built and you live near Harrogate, North Yorkshire – just press the messenger app in the bottom right hand corner of your window (works on a smartphone and a computer). A chatbot is an app, a script that sits in the background of your social media and fires off automated responses, given the stimuli.

Lighten Your Social Media Load

Are you having to take a massive amount of time out fo your day to deal with Facebook messenger? Let me build you a Bot and then you will have the messenger system automated with a set of pre-determined responses and triggers.

No Dead Ends

No dead ends. There is a response for no response – so, your client will not be caught up in a messenger loop – this just not happen with well built bots and all of the bots I build are road tested to work and you will be the litmus test, being walked through the bot so you can see what it does and approve it at the end of the day.

Bots For Facebook

The bots I build are only working on Facebook right now – there is not the scope to build one on WhatsApp or Instagram. Yes, there is the option to automate one response on Instagram but that lowers you ranking – I build bots that work in Facebook and are tailored to your needs.

A Freelance ChatBot Builder In Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Analytics Package

You may have a good Bot – but is it being found? Also, who is it that is using your website – and to what purpose. Have a word with Andrew Backhouse about Analytics Deals for your Bot.

Build A Subscriber Base

The Bots I build are allowing up to 500 subscribers to a Messenger Newsletter – have you thought about what you would say to 500 people on Messenger? These Messenger Newsletters are very agile.

Get Your Brand USP Across

Using an appropriate blend of low overhead and zero maintenance tech to map your client’s journey. I will flesh out the journey that your client will take travelling towards committing to your cause.


The hard work is mostly done by the time I sit down at my desk to code. However I have a few test pages on Facebook to show my clients how the Bot works before it is transferred to your business’ page and activated.

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