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Corporate Identity & Branding In North Yorkshire

I am often asked the difference between Corporate Identity and Branding: Corporate identity  can be boiled down to a package of visual aspects that form part of the overall brand and include the logo. This is different from Branding. Branding encompasses the perceived psychological and emotional corporate image as a whole.

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Corporate Identity

Andrew Backhouse Design has experience of creating unique, relevant and memorable logo designs & corporate identities, which will not only raise the visibility of your company and add a professional look to your business but will also make it stand out ahead of the competition. My aim is to help businesses of all sizes get their message across with professional, high-quality, cost-effective, creative Corporate Identity.

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I Have Experience Of Helping

I believe that good graphic design & Corporate Identity is not mere decoration, but a means of achieving a predetermined purpose. It can influence the way people behave, encourage understanding, change the way they perceive your business, your products and services. That’s why we will go right back to the drawing board to make sure that all our graphic design and web design makes a difference to your business.

A Freelancer Specialising In Corporate Identity In Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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Content Creation

I can help your business or institution obtain the assets it needs to be web-ready and relevant this year.

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Get Your Business Ready

I Can Prepare Go-To Graphics

I can provide go-to graphics as well as logo. This means your Social Media Campaigns will always be on-point and never run dry.

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