Email Marketing

Here are some tips and recommendations for Email Marketing.

How to get maximum return on investment for your DIY Marketing. I will state that for professional results you should contact a professional. But, have a crack at it yourself.

You know you can triple your investment with Social Media advertising? Well, what if I told you that for every £1 invested in Email Marketing then you will see £35-£45 come back through the door?

1. Plain vs. Pretty Email

Do you ever log on to Gmail and wonder why mail went to the promo tab, not the Primary Tab?

Mail goes to the Promo tab in Gmail because Gmail thinks you are trying to sell them something. It is shielding the end user from Spam – if you have an email trying to sell the reader something chances are it will end up in Spam.

So, you ned to make it easy on yourself and send out an email that looks like an email not an advert.

Some formatting tips are –

  • Keep the email short
  • No walls of text
  • A couple (only) of images
  • Do not use HTML – it should be a plain-word email as if written by a person.

I cannot stress this enough – you should be sending out emails that are emails, not adverts.

Please don’t include too many images – this could trigger the spam filter on most email clients.

2. The Email Address You Send The Email From

In order to make sure the email in landing in the primary inbox, and not the spam, you need to check up on the email address you are sending the mail from.

The best bet is to set the From email to have your first name before the “@” symbol – so, [email protected] would be for me (although, I do think the name ‘Drew would be better as I am a designer).

And, yes, a branded web address is far better than a Gmail account acting as a business address – who wants [email protected] emailing them when they can have [email protected] emailing them

It weeds out the fly by nights and gives authenticity to your campaign.

4. We’re Always Here

When you send out a campaign, and someone replies then please respond back to them – this will set you email provider as recognising that you are not a bot and that you own a socially active account.

End each email with an “Ask me anything – I can be reached by replying to this.: I may get a few socially active wrigglers….

Gmail notices when you reply to responders – they have advance AI and they notice. They recognise you are a human because you reply to the responder.

5. When Should Send My Email Out?

Once a week – Tuesdays at 11am.

Too often and you will be done for Spam and it starts grating. But, also, too little and people will lose focus and drift off.

6. What Is A Lead Magnet?

I 2021 you need a really powerful lead magnet – a way of offering Transformation over Information. A ‘lead magnet’ is the carrot at the end of the stick – the reason the customer signed up.

Think of what you will be emailing your contacts a thoughtfully curated resource guide.

  • Make money by doing “This”
  • Lose the Lock Down Lard by doing “This”
  • Grow great flowers by doing “This”

Don’t let your contact forget why they signed up – set a challenge for the people who sign up. It will keep them engaged…

When you set a challenge for the contact – email the contact every day of the challenge because repeat contact builds trust – and, after all, they signed up for a challenge.

7. Will One Email Do?

Think of your email as a series of pointers to solve a problem.

Think of the solution and write three emails to get the client through their challenge at the fourth email hit them up with a CTA.

I will round this chat off by saying that if you do want professional results then please hire a professional – it is something I have experience in but I can point you in the way of people who can help if it is someone else you need? So, thanks for reading – if you have received anything from this post reach out – my details are in the button below.

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