Freelance UX Designer


I like to make good things and make things good. I am passionate about UX (User Experience) + I have the Certificate (Google) to prove it! Plus, I am a11y conscious.

I Am A Freelance UX Designer
Based In Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Freelance UX Designer

A UX Designer In Harrogate

Hi, my name is Andrew Backhouse & I am hold a Certificate in UX Design, issued by Google. UX (User Experience) is a passion of mine and I hope to work for you as a Freelancer.

Freelance UX Designer

My UX Design Portfolio

I am sometimes asked if I have a ‘style’ of Design. Well, I have as many design styles as I have built for end-users. Each build is unique and tailored, through research, to be the best for the end-user.

Find You Niche

Find your niche in the Digital Soup. I Design Experiences that are end user orientated. I build simple, functional websites that get you the results that you need.

Product Equibility

Product Equitability is something I pride myself on and something I have a long history of achieving.

In essence it is the end community that is formed around the product.

What I Do

I am a web designer who works as a UX Designer. I have the required certificates issued from Google and I am keen to tuck in – I am available for work.


All of the digital applications that I build are highly usable which in effect leads to brand loyalty for my client’s users.

People don’t like using bad technology. They will go the service or good that is working and is relevant. The one that is less stress.

A Freelance UX Designer Based In Harrogate, North Yorkshire

A Website Needs To Be Usable

If a website is not usable (it has a bad layout) then it will instantly stop people from trusting your site and eventually they will stop trusting your brand.

A Website Needs To Be Equitable

You really ought to be laying out your stall for all to see – and do so in the best fashion available. Employ a UX Designer like me and I will help get the message for your brand across.

A Website Should Be Enjoyable

For good UX Design – a website needs to be an enjoyable experience. If people are not in awe of the design then they will not see you as a leader in your field.

A Website Needs To Be Useful

All of the websites I build as a Freelance UX Designer are useful websites – they all answer a question that the end user came there to be answered. I provide solutions.

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To find out more about my work or just to say 👋 drop me an email by clicking HERE

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