I'm A Freelance Web Designer Based In Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

I'm Andrew, a freelance web designer that provides creative web design and development for clients and agencies in Harrogate & North Yorkshire. I've worked with clients of all shapes and sizes, from startups and SME's to large multi-nationals. The sites I build are fast, scaleable and bespoke to each client. Take a look at some of the websites I've built. I also put sustainability first and am a keen advocate of sustainable web design.

I Build Websites For Business. Photographers. Brands. Pubs. Musicians. SMEs. eCommerce. DJs. Shops. Artists. Writers. Galleries. Nightclubs. Plumbers. Lawyers. Electricians. Solicitors. Plasterers. Gardeners. Studios. Creative Spaces. Food and Drink. Professional Services.


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Best Website designers in Harrogate
Best Website designers in Harrogate
Best Website designers in Harrogate
Best Website designers in Harrogate
Best Website designers in Harrogate

Recent Work

A Website For An Artist.

Steph Hayes

Modernist Logo Design.

Launch Logos

Copywriter For The Arts

AitchCo Copy

Electro Club DJ/Producers


A Website For An Artist

Steph Hayes

Copywriter For The Arts

AitchCo Copy

Electro Club DJ/Producers


About Andrew,

I’m a freelance web designer and developer who comes highly recommended. Since 2015, I’ve been delivering exceptional websites for clients in Harrogate, Yorkshire, and throughout the UK. Here’s why you should consider collaborating with me:

  1. Extensive Experience: With 8 years of freelance web design experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.
  2. Versatility: I have worked with clients of all types and sizes, so I am well-equipped to handle your specific needs and requirements.
  3. Agency and Direct Client Experience: I have successfully collaborated with both agencies and direct clients, allowing me to adapt to different working environments and deliver results that align with your goals.
  4. Multi-skilled Approach: I excel not only as a designer but also as a developer in the freelance web designer domain. This comprehensive skill set enables me to handle various aspects of your project and ensure a cohesive and professional end result.

If you’re looking for a reliable and skilled freelance web designer and developer, I’m here to help. Contact me today to discuss your project and let’s work together to create an outstanding website that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.


I am Andrew Backhouse, your go-to freelance web designer in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. With expertise in corporate branding, my goal is to create a consistent and visually appealing design that reflects your company’s values, identity, and goals. By utilising environmentally friendly methods and offering competitive pricing, I strive to provide high-quality designs as an experienced freelance web designer.


My aspiration is to be recognised as one of the top creative freelance web designers in Harrogate by creating innovative and eco-conscious websites for clients seeking to surpass their competition. Driven by passion and commitment, I continuously strive for exceptional results in all projects I undertake as a full-time freelance web designer.

  • I build websites for businesses

  • I build websites for photographers

  • I build websites for brands

  • I build websites for bars and clubs

  • I build websites for Musicians & DJs

  • I build websites for SMEs

  • I build websites for eCommerce

  • I build websites for Shops

  • I build websites for Artists

  • I build websites for authors and poets

  • I build websites for Galleries

  • I build websites for musical groups

Who I Work With



I'm a freelance web designer working with startups who are just finding their feet to launch them into the digital space. I’m a believer in building relationships and look for companies who I can work with long term.



If you already have an existing website you feel could be improved, as a freelance web designer I’d love to hear from you. I work with established companies of all sizes to provide them with creative digital solutions.



I work with agencies on a white label basis to provide them with both design and development. If you’re looking for a freelance web designer to help extend your services please get in touch.

Freelance Web Designer FAQ

As an freelance web designer, what services do you offer?

My services include website redesigns and creating websites from scratch. I specialise in branding and corporate identity design, utilising my 10 years of experience to provide top-notch solutions. In addition, I offer ongoing web maintenance for the websites I develop to ensure their continued success and optimal performance throughout the lifecycle of your business.

What types of websites do you specialise in designing?

Affordable, expertly crafted brochure and portfolio websites are my forte as a freelance web designer. I cater to a diverse range of clients including SMEs, artists, and those in the creative industry. Whether it’s an elegant artist portfolio or a comprehensive brochure site for a service company, I got you covered. And, yes! If you need an eCommerce solution, feel free to reach out for a customised online store.

Can you share examples of your previous work or a portfolio?

Sure, I have a selected portfolio on this very website. Just head HERE to see some of my past work as a freelance web designer.

I have tried to include a range of websites and their purposes – if you need to see a previous website design for a particular niche, get in contact with me and I will forward the web address.

How long have you been working as a web designer in Harrogate?

I love living in Harrogate!

I have been living here since 2004 and will not go anywhere else.

Before that I was an English Teacher in China, teaching HE1 & HE2. I had a bad reaction to anti-malaria medication and had to take some time off work – I found art really helped me and especially photoshopping images.

This taught me how to use Adobe Suite.

Then, I had to display my work on the back of a gallery exhibition – people were asking about me but I did not have a web presence. So, I taught myself web design!

Forward a few (10!) years and I am working as a freelance web designer.

I quite like the Bauhaus saying that “… if an artist can’t paint a butcher shop’s sign they are not a proper artist!” I like how it is forcing my creativity on to a bigger demographic than you would find in a gallery.

What is your design process like, and how do you collaborate with clients?

I am a freelance web designer who believes it is important for future clients to know the processes I use; I am a fan of Lean UX. This involves “Think, Make, Check.” It might seem common sense – but there is a good grounding in it.

Lean UX is an incredibly useful technique when working on projects. Traditional UX techniques often don’t work when development is conducted in rapid bursts – there’s not enough time to deliver UX in the same way. Fundamentally Lean UX and other forms of UX all have the same goal in mind; delivering a great user experience it’s just that the way you work on a project is slightly different.

I speak with my clients using the Basecamp app – I will onboard you to the workspace and set you up with it so that we can share documents and bounce things past each other – it is an app that is more fluid than email and was designed for purpose.

When you approach me, I will give you a quote for the design and building of your website – I have an hourly rate of £35 so if I think it will take 10 hours for me to build the site then I will charge £350.

If I go over the 10 hours I will not charge extra (a hypothetical 10 hours – please see the next question). So, you will always know how much your site will cost in total. My prices are on this website – so see my prices, HERE! I want to make good design within the reach of everyone – so, I am your best bet for an affordable web designer.

How long does it typically take to complete a website project?

The timeframe for completing a project depends entirely on your needs and timeline preferences. However, keep in mind that obtaining necessary assets such as images may impact the overall duration. In reality, it typically involves collaboration between us as I await your input, as a freelance web designer. Initially, we discuss your vision and create a rough outline. Afterward, I present a preliminary version for your review, taking into account your feedback to refine the website within the agreed-upon budget.

What platforms and technologies do you work with?


I find WordPress to be the most customisable system for designing a website as a freelance web designer.

Specifically, I really do know the Divi Builder within WordPress – so, if you need a Divi WordPress build get in touch! I love using open source software and low-end vendors. i pass these savings on to my clients which makes me a good choice as an affordable web designer.

Do you offer responsive web design for different devices (e.g. mobile, tablet, desktop)?


All of the websites I make look natural on all devices. This is what is meant by Responsive Web Design.

To test it out, you can resize the browser screen that you are looking at this site with and see how the page adapts. Do you see?

This is Responsive Web Design.

Do you provide search engine optimisation (SEO) services?

As a freelance web designer, I provide SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for all of the websites that I make.

I do not offer this service to existing websites, built by yourself or a third party.

How do you handle website maintenance and updates?

I offer web maintenance packages available to folk who I have built a website for.

Bronze Package

  • £35/month
  • Updates to everything used to build your site
  • Hosting
  • Backups
  • Analytics
  • Update Frequency: Once A Month

Silver Package

  • £50/month
  • Everything in the Bronze Package
  • Update Frequency: Once A Week

Gold Package

  • £100/month
  • Everything in the Silver Package
  • Update Daily updates

For more details about the affordable Website Maintenance please head HERE.

What is your pricing structure for web design projects? Are there any additional fees?

Before beginning work on your website, we will establish a mutually beneficial agreement. Our contract ensures protection for both parties by outlining the exact scope of work, including the fixed estimate for the website design and development, optional maintenance packages, and hosting requirements.

You will be well informed about the costs associated with the project prior to commencement, allowing you to trust in the established pricing and hold me accountable to the terms set forth in the contract. Rest assured, the legally binding document serves as a safety net for a successful partnership. I am a freelance web designer – so, my prices are cheaper than agencies due to not having the overheads I have written my pricing structure HERE. I am striving to be an affordable website designer…

What is your payment policy and schedule?

Payment policies are important when it comes to ensuring smooth transactions between parties involved. At Andrew Backhouse Design, our payment policy emphasises transparency and clarity regarding fees and charges. We understand that financial matters require careful consideration, so here’s a breakdown of how payments work:

  • Establishing Fixed Prices: Prior to starting a project, we will agree upon a fixed price for the entire project. This includes everything required to complete the task and meets your expectations.
  • Deposits & Milestones: To initiate projects, we accept deposits proportional to the total cost. These funds secure resources needed to begin the project, and subsequent milestone payments allow for continuous progress tracking.
  • Variation Orders: Should changes arise during the course of a project, variation orders detail adjustments made to the original scope. They also indicate any additional expenses required to address these alterations.
  • Final Payment: Upon completion of the project, the final payment is due. Once settled, ownership of intellectual property rights and access credentials are transferred to the client.

By adhering to these payment guidelines, we aim to maintain clear communication while keeping everyone updated on financial matters. If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss them further. Let’s work together towards a seamless transaction!

Do you offer a warranty or support after the website is launched?

If you are taking out a Maintenance plan then the site has an indefinite warranty. Extended for the life of your business or you going with another designer.

How do you handle website hosting and domain registration?

As a freelance web designer, I believe in empowering clients through education and independence. Therefore, rather than purchasing domains on behalf of customers, I encourage them to acquire their own unique domains to ensure ease of transferability should they wish to switch designers later on.

Since owning a domain means you retain full control over its registration and content, it allows you greater flexibility in managing your digital presence.

Furthermore, hosting services come included with every maintenance plan offered, providing added convenience for website management. Ultimately, your website represents your brand identity, and having ownership over essential components such as your domain fosters autonomy and freedom.

By choosing to purchase your domain independently, you lay the foundation for a robust online presence now and in the future. Feel free to consult with me about any queries related to domain registration or hosting.

Together, let’s help grow your business and achieve success online!

Are you able to work with clients outside of Harrogate or internationally?


I found during Lock-Down, in 2020, that I was comfortable with Zoom calls. So, although I can’t attend a meeting in person, I am able to talk to you wherever you are in the world.

If you want to book a Zoom call, have a look at my Contact Page.

Can you help with content creation, such as copywriting and photography?

As a dedicated web designer, I focus on crafting visually appealing and user-friendly websites tailored to meet your needs. While I possess proficiency in various aspects of web development, writing compelling copy and capturing high-quality imagery lies beyond my core expertise.

However, collaborating with seasoned professionals can enhance the overall quality of your website. With that said, I strongly suggest enlisting the services of experienced copywriters and skilled photographers who excel at creating engaging content tailored specifically for your audience.

As an alternative, I can provide referrals to accomplished industry experts whom I personally endorse based on past positive experiences. Remember, entrusting your website’s message and visual representation to trained specialists contributes significantly to achieving optimal results. Allow me to apply my creative flair and technical mastery to bring your web design aspirations to life while working closely with complementary talents to showcase your distinctive brand voice and image.

How do you approach website accessibility and compliance with industry standards?

Accessibility in web design is a topic I am keen to improve on; I have already made waves in it, though.

Do you see the widget of the Blue Man floating to the right hand side of the browser window (bottom left on a mobile)? Click on him and you have an industry-standard accessibility widget.

I do not conform to the voluntary legislation governing accessibility preferring to use the widget as and when my clients need or want it – not all of my clients want the widget so this would make my application to be backed by the legislation void.

But, have a play with the Blue Man – I could pop him on your site if you want me to build you a website?

Do you offer any additional services, such as branding, logo design, or social media management?

I offer Web Design, Corporate Identity and Logo Design.

I have two businesses; Andrew Backhouse Design (as a freelance web designer) and Launch Logos. Both committed to elevating your brand to new heights.

From start to finish, my mission remains simple: assist clients like yourself in establishing strong identities across multiple platforms. With us by your side, expect nothing short of remarkable results.

Whether it’s devising effective strategies for building a reputable reputation or generating cutting-edge designs, I pride myself on exceeding expectations.

After all, the best brands thrive thanks to a cohesive blend of corporate identity, logo design, and website creation. Trust me to lead the way in positioning your company for long-term success.

How do you handle project delays or changes in scope?

As stated, we are bound by contract.

If you wanted a change in the project, please let me know at the earliest convenience and I will redraft the contract.

How can I get in touch with you to discuss my project or request a quote?

All of my contact details are on my Contact Page (HERE). You can phone me, book a Zoom Call, but, I admit, I’d prefer an email.

My email address is [email protected]

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Are you in need of a skilled web designer in Harrogate? Look no further than Andrew Backhouse Design! I specialise in creating unique and environmentally friendly websites as a freelance web designer.


My focus is on providing personalised websites that meet the specific needs of each client. Whether you’re a startup or an established business, I cater to a wide range of companies.

I believe that every company should have access to affordable and high-quality design work that doesn’t compromise on style or functionality. As a dedicated freelance web designer, I strive to deliver visually appealing results that engage users while working within your budget.


If you’re interested in learning more about how I can help you achieve your online goals as a freelance web designer, feel free to reach out for a free initial consultation. You can contact me at [email protected] or through the Contact page on my website. Let’s start our partnership today and elevate your online presence!